Aug 22, 2008

Its Friday...

Last night I fall asleep on the couch, it was around 2 something in the morning.

After I wake up, it was only her and the time is already 5.

She did not even talk to me or say anything to me, I started coughing due to the temperature,

went up to room and was about to sleep, her phone beeps...

I look at it, it was from someone I knew, it was 530 then.

She refuse to show me what's the contain but I spotted something different, the wallpaper had

change, it was no more me and her, it was her and him...

For the whole night, I sat up, crying, coughing and thinking for she knows curiosity kills me,

I can't sleep, can't rest nor even stop thinking for a while, until the morning come...

I dream...and it was a nightmare, a nightmare that for my whole life seem to be destroyed...

I dreamed of something that I never ever expected to happen...

I hope...somehow I could undo this, somehow I could save myself...

Or else, I'll be forever living in fear...

Fearing of losing you...

Aug 21, 2008

To all...

To all my people out there...

Read and Realize...

Wake Up and Think!

Yes...One live, Live it! Don't F*ck it...

People jumping from rooftops, drinking Clorax, cutting self and so much more, what dumb ass you guys are, think yourself in DEEP SHIT?! Think again, there are billions of other people in this world, who at the same time, facing the same SHIT, but still, they put their heads up and goes on...

We'll can do the same thing

Out of 100-200 billions of sperm produce by our dads respectfully, :)

We are the one which gets through, the strong swimmer!

Researcher mention that, for a sperm to get to the egg, its like a man swimming across the South China Sea, but not in water, its in honey-liquid form *imagine*

Appreciate your life

Do what you wanna do right away...

Love whom you wanna Love at this very second...

Think and miss those you had longed for...

Pray and repent before everything is too late...

DO NOT regret...NEVER...

All my people out there...appreciate your life

You would only had it ONCE...

Belly Dance

Bebe went to belly dance yesterday, due to nothing to do at home, I just went with her...

This is what I learned when I am there... captured a few photos...

This is my Bebe~

Some random girl with a mole
in between her bottom lips

Aunty with Jeans went to belly dance

Girls doing belly dance, yea... indeed you can see shaking or vibrating part *wink*

But this is the funny part it's not the aunty with the jeans... Just check out the video, I laugh my brain out...seriously

Yea yea, I did say, "SOOooO cute in that video" -_-"

Anyhow, I do know her, her brother to be exact, and if I am not mistaken, she already get married to a rich guy, her husband not even bad looking at all and the most important part, her husband's ride = BMW (Big Malaysian Women) WooOOoW~

So GIRLS out there, stop complaining about how fat you are and how bad you wanna get on diet,
stop saying it... overall, there is still someone bigger than you guys which still live happily!

Aug 20, 2008 dead...

My blog...its so dead...


Jul 19, 2008

Tagged, tagged and tagged...fuhh~

Name 20 people randomly.At the end of the survey, choose 5 people to do the survey.Don't read the questions, but name the 20 people first.

1. Cath
2. Terry
3. Alvin
4. Aaron
5. Suleen
6. Ivanna
7. Ellane
8. Godric
9. Gwenda
10. Elisha
11. Leo
12. Terrence
13. Tania
14. Carolyn
15. Tony
16. Jude
17. *long legged hair girl at tHe Spring*
18. Jeremiah (UK)
19. Jeremiah (Msia)
20. Adrian

1.) How did you meet number 18?
- Jeremiah (UK): Through the girlfriend

2.) What will you do if you have not met number 17?
- *...* I never know girl can get that much hair (boots with the fur)

3.) What if number 9 and 20 dated?
- Gwenda and Adrian? woW~ It would turn out to be explosion

4.) What if number 5 and 10 dated?
- Suleen and Elisha?: WooShh! That's what we call Msia, multiculture!

5.) Describe number 1
- Cath: There is no word for her... *wink*

6.) Do you think number 8 is attractive?
- Godric: My gosh, u should see the piture of him that I took, that's way too HOT!

7.) Describe number 7
- Ellane: poor thing

8.) Do you know any family members of 12?
- Terrence: yes, quite well as well

9.) What language does number 15 speak?
- Tony: English, Chinese and Malay

10.) Who is number 9 hanging out with?
- Gwenda, the boyfriend?

11.) How old is number 16?
- Jude: Same age

12.) When was the last time you spoke to number 13?
- Tania: outside her house doing the "AaaaAaaaaAAaa~"

13.) Who's number 2 favorite singer/band?
- Terry: All the heavy stuff, he listens to

14.) Have you ever dated number 4?
- Aaron...Hahah

15.) Would you ever date number 19?
- Miah: For football maybe

16.) Is number 3 single?
- Can try to ask Suleen...

17.) What is number 10 last name?
- Sorry to say, I really do not know

18.) Would you ever be in a relationship with number 11?
- Leo...I am Straight!

19.) What is the school of number 13?
- Tania: Swinburne

20.) Where does number 6 stay?
- Ivanna: aa....

I tag:
Jia Zhen

Jun 21, 2008

Tv...its not only about entertainment

Dear all...

I might did not blog for long, for I run out of idea what to write, but after I read one of my long ex classmate's comment, something pop up in my mind to write what I am always good at... here goes, the second one, after Long Hard road Into Hell, sit tight, do not look back, stare at your monitor and be prepared for the thrill...

For a very brief introduction, TV, a short form for television had been invented since 1927, that's really long long time ago, by Philo Farnsworth, (some smart as* guy), it was black and white then...

Now, average of more than 90% of houses, have their own television set, from some 14" inches monitor to 40" LCD. It is all available in market nowadays, expensive, cheap, loan, credit all sorts of way, public can get hold of one of it...

But let me tell you something that, you might do not want to know, really, so when there is still time, there is still a chance, you might have a TV inside your bedroom, looking at it right can close this blog and go do something else, I do not advice the weak hearted reader to continue reading...

So, you insist wanna go on, well...let's go on...

I do have one at home as well, not really big, it is just some that average family could afford it, I was watching some movie at that particular time, since I am on holiday and nothing that I really can do. Night is still pretty young, eye is still not that heavy and body still contains some energy enough for few more hours.

I can't really remember what movie I was watching at that time, it was some action stuff if I am not mistaken, I was 'attached' on the screen, sitting there satisfying myself with some chips and coke, what a life...I can really chill when I just sit there with some junk food and coke, and smoke definitely, that would be it, infinite joy.

When the movie is almost going to end, I remember I was slowly falling asleep, and which earlier on, my younger brother who is watching with me, had gone to bed, left me alone sitting there, watching the action pack.
I might can finish the movie, but I did not, my eye somehow could not stand it anymore, so I decided to turn off the TV and hit my bed.

Here it all starts,

When I turn the TV off, and even I switch off the power supply making sure that everything is really dead, I walked to my bedroom whereby, I hear the TV is switch on again, no lies, it switch on by itself, I shall have no explanation for it, but just assuming that it might be me myself which is to tired until my own eye play trick on myself. So I walked back to the TV and switch it off again, and when I turn to the power supply, it is still off... second assumption, it is still me myself.

Having no second thoughts, I walked to my bedroom again, yes reader, the TV is on again...third assumption, there is definitely something very wrong, I tilted my head and looked at the TV, this time, no more action pack, it is something else, it was...

A woman...

age around 60-70 plus, wrinkles all over the face, Grey whitish hair, sad expression, very very is still fine until...

She made an eye contact with me, eye to eye and gave me a smile...

The next moment that I opened my eye, I am sitting on the couch with the TV showing some colorful lines showing that no more pro grammes is going on, I fall asleep...I smile to myself and think, what a fool I had been...

I switch off the TV, and the power supply and walked to my bedroom still thinking that, what a fool i had been...and then...

the TV switch 'itself' on again...

Not a TV fans
-Ivern Joaquin-

Apr 22, 2008

Long hard road INTO hell

I took this shot, nearly to midnight, nothing special about the photo, and nothing scary as well, but the place, it is a 'killer' instead. And goosebumps on me when i stop and took this photo.

It is situated some where near Bau, my hometown, this road already been there for such a long time, longer then I ever know, just that, it had been refined and repaired. But right after the road was build, there is so many things happening on that particular road, let me recall...

Incident No.1

It happened way long before I was born. A girl, got killed on this road, that is not the shocking part, the shocking part she got killed. She was on her way down to Kuching by bus, and on this road, with unknown reasons, she put her head out to look at something, but neither she knew that, there was another bus coming up front, since the road is pretty narrow that time, the other bus eventually, ripped her head off... this is not a fiction story. It was on paper for weeks...

Incident No.2 (related to no. 1)

Ever since the incident of the girl being killed, every passenger which pass the road, saw some one, sitting on the tree up high, and its without head, the old road is very very near to a jungle with trees of hundreds years old which had been cleared. This incident is not supported by evidence.

Incident No. 3

- One very early morning on the year 2005-06. An old lady taking an early walk some where lower part of the newly build road (that time). She was crossing the road to get to the other side, she crossed it, she was walking at the very very side of the road, which mean, she cannot being hit by any car that is passing by. car, drove by some drunker come from behind somehow knocked her, and kill her instantly...One of her eyes, flew off and never being found ever since. Not even until today. She died in tragic.

Incident No. 4 (related to No. 3)

-Driver which drove pass the road, sometimes, early in the morning or very late at night, somehow, saw a figure of an old lady squashing down on the middle of the road and showing an action which seem like looking for something...She still can be seen until today, although I never saw it.

Incident No.5

- Latest one, of the road killing, a whole family of five in a car being hit from the side by incoming car. One teen inside the car, flew off from the side door and hits down the road 10 meters away from the car. Now imagine the impact. Weird thing, the car did not see any car coming from the other side which is very impossible because it happened at night fall time, no matter how dim is your car's head light, you still can see because there used to be pitch black.

Rumors say that, the road is thirsty for blood, each year, a life must being sacrifice on that particular road to satisfied 'him', who will be the next? Driver out there, please, drive safe...especially when you are coming here...

Now, look properly again into the picture (the last one)...nothing? There is nothing...But, you can feel the 'presence' see nothing, but they saw you...

Having lotsa goosebumps
-Ivern Joaquin-